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SOS - report emergency


In case of emergency:


Have you found an SOS-card by a person who is in an emergency situation? In this case please enter the SOS-number from the SOS-card that you found in the field above and click on "SOS-report emergency ". Thats all you need to do to start help for the pets of the SOS-card owner.

  As soon as you send the SOS emergency report the person of confidence of the SOS-card owner will be informed about the emergency case. This person will be asked to take care of the pets of the SOS-card owner and to confirm, that the pets will be supplied.
  If we don`t receive the confirmation from the person of confidence within the next 8 hours, we will immediately inform the second person of trust or we will take care of the case and inform authorities on the spot.
  We are monitoring every emergency case until we can be sure that the pets of the SOS-card owner are safe and supplied.